About Murphy

John Lyons Murphy 2A graduate with honors from New York University, John Lyons Murphy is a writer, director, and producer of film, TV, and new media.

Murphy recently served as a Story Producer on season 7 of Discovery Channel‘s biggest show, “Alaska The Last Frontier“, where his episodes were ratings leaders and fan and network favorites.  Prior to Discovery Channel, Murphy was Head Writer on Verizon Go 90’s late-night comedy show “What Do You Know?”, where he led the creative and also ran tapings (in front of a live studio audience).  Perviously, Murphy was a producer on truTV‘s comedy series “How To Be A Grown Up“, where he wrote and produced scores of short field pieces, as well as produced in-studio segments.  That same year, Murphy was a producer on Bravo‘s “Then And Now With Andy Cohen“, where he researched, wrote, produced, and supervised edits of multiple segments per episode.

As a writer, clients have included Microsoft, Activision, MSN, 42 Entertainment, About Face Media, Disney, and MSNBC.

Directing credits include two feature documentaries, the most recent of which, Kingdom Come, can be seen on Showtime and features a roster of big names including Mark Ruffalo, Edward Burns, Rachael Leigh Cook, Don Cheadle, and Lizzie Caplan.

And, as a producer, Murphy has six feature films to his credit, most recently as lead producer on Broken Kingdom, the directorial debut of actor Daniel Gillies, which also can be seen on Showtime.

Murphy is based in Los Angeles.

6 thoughts on “About Murphy

  1. Hi John,
    I’ve just finished watching Kingdom Come (and very much looking forward to watching Broken Kingdom which I will do shortly having purchased the bundle).
    I just wanted to say how truly moving your story was.
    I’m an aspiring filmmaker having made a couple of shorts now and just wanted to let you know how inspirational your passion and commitment are. I can only hope that should I be able to one day make the leap to feature films, I have the good fortune to find a producer as loyal and as dedicated as you. You also seem like a genuinely awesome human being and if you ever find yourself in London, would love to meet and chat.
    I truly hope you keep doing what you do and look forward to checking out some of your future work. x

    1. Hi Jen – Sorry for the delay responding! Thanks so much for your kind words and I’m glad the film touched you (and maybe gave you a few pointers as to what not to do when making your own films!). I haven’t been to London in about a year, but if/when I’m back over there, I’d be more than happy to meet up and talk shop. In the meantime, if I can be of any assistance/offer any advice/etc, don’t hesitate to give me a shout. Thanks, again!

  2. Dear John,

    You are my hero! A real life story of loyalty and grit for a project that was really worthy. Thank you.

  3. Kingdom Come is amazing. Not only do we get a glimpse into what it’s really like to be a filmmaker in Hollywood—and it’s awful—we get to experience your pain as you go through the process.

    I think it’s the best film out there about the reality of being a filmmaker.

  4. You are my hero! I absolutely loved the documentary. It was a happy accident that I watched. So funny I just finished film school and find this business very soul destroying….spent so much time depressed lately. Finally dragged myself out of the depths of despair…pulling myself up from my bootstraps…Deciding that I will forge forward…then by happy accident I stumbled upon your documentary…I laughed so hard…I shed a tear or two…I felt the pain as you spoke! Thank You for sharing….In the worst of times I will remember its a tough business and I just gotta keep going!!!!!!!!

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