One thought on “Broken Kingdom is at RIIFF

  1. I watched the movie Broken Kingdom and the following documentary Kingdom Come on Showtime last night. The story behind the movie’s existence was such a powerful testament of passion, courage, perseverance and loyalty. John and Daniel sacrificed so much to pursue a visional dream. I was absolutely amazed at the the amount of tenacity that those two showed to see their project through. Such rare qualities in our instant gratification society. I am sure John will go on to do great things and we will hear his name associated with projects in the future. The talents and visions John Murphy, Daniel Gilles and Rachel Leigh Cook will continue to resonate in the film industry. Your journey as a married couple (Dan & Rachel) enduring and supporting one another is a rare and beautiful thing. You can conquer anything together! John, Daniel and Rachel…Thank you for sharing your raw and powerful journey with the world. I know that you all have touched and inspired so many out there with your story and your film. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

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