Kingdom Come Premieres

What I've Done

Tuesday, October 2nd 2012 saw the premiere of our documentary Kingdom Come at the lovely Harmony Gold Theater in sunny West Hollywood, California.

The documentary follows a first-time filmmaker (Daniel Gillies) as he fights to finance and produce independent drama Broken Kingdom.

It also features a slew of other filmmakers and indie heroes (Mark Ruffalo, Kevin Smith, Selma Blair, Seth Green, Edward Burns, Rachael Leigh Cook, Morgan Spurlock, Illeana Douglas, Don Cheadle, and many more) telling their own indie film stories.

(Oh, and I’m in it… looking almost as uncomfortable as I do in this photo!)

Paste Magazine had this to say about the film:

It’s that mix of hopefulness and hopelessness, that mix of encouraging and discouraging, that makes Kingdom Come a worthy addition to the family of documentaries that began with Herzog’s Burden of Dreams and continued through classics like Hearts of Darkness and Lost in La Mancha.

Morgan Spurlock said:

Someone has finally made a film that shows you how hard it is to actually make a film! This movie should be required viewing in every film school in America. There were so many painful & cringeworthy moments, but that’s what independent film is all about.

And comedy hero Dan Harmon sayeth:

Funny and honest, devastating and uplifting.  A rare kind of cautionary tale that leaves you with less caution.  I’d recommend this movie to anyone that has ever felt driven by anything.

My point?  Check out Kingdom Come, and the film that started it all, Broken Kingdom, if you haven’t already.  They can be found nice and cheap at

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